Cinco de Mayo update

Hello all. After such a large demand, here is the authentic menu for our upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration this weekend (Friday-Sunday 12PM-6PM). Just a friendly reminder that seating is limited so we strongly recommend making a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment. See you this weekend.




3 Elotes   12

Mexican-style corn on the cob, coated in spices

Vegetable Quesadilla (V+)  14

Roasted red pepper, onions, black beans and corn

Ceviche   14

White fish, tomatoes, red onions & lime-cilantro vinaigrette

3 Empanadas   14

Deep fried corn dough stuffed with mixed veggies & ground beef

Botana de 3   12

Infused-crumbled feta with jalapeño, home made guacamole and Nopales salad with chips




Chicken Mole   18

Mole risotto and roasted chicken breast

3 Tacos (V)   16

Tinga- Chicken marinated in chipotle sauce

Carne asada- marinade beef steak & pico de Gallo

Cochinita Pibil- traditional mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatan Peninsula

3-Style Tamales   18

North of Mexico- Corn dough stuffed with cheese, jalapeño and corn wrapped in corn husk

Central Mexico- corn dough stuffed with chicken in tomatillo sauce wrapped in cork husk

South of Mexico- corn dough stuffed with pork in huajillo sauce wrapped in banana leaf




Bunuelos (V+)   12

Mexican fritters coated in cinnamon, sugar and a side of guava syrup

Flan   12

Mexican Crème brûlée


V = Vegetarian available, V+ = Vegan available


To make a reservation, please email us at Deep Cove Winery

Prices are subject to change without notice